Support for UK high streets

Westminster Hall debate
Janet Daby MP

High street in Leeds

On 19 October, Janet Daby MP is leading a Westminster Hall debate on support for UK high streets.

To inform her debate, she asked to hear about your experiences and ideas.

Survey closed. Thank you for your interest in this debate.

Watch the full debate:

The transcript will be available shortly after.

Janet Daby MP thanked those who completed the survey:

"Thank you so much to everyone who shared their experiences of their high streets and ideas of how we can improve them.
"It’s been helpful and insightful to read through your responses ahead of my debate.
"You’ll be able to watch the debate on this page from 19 October – I hope you’re able to watch."
Janet Daby MP

Introducing the debate, she gave the following statement:

"The covid-19 pandemic has brought some of the biggest challenges to our high streets since the 2008 recession.
"Many small business owners have had to close their doors for extended periods, and have seen their livelihoods diminish. There are workers who have faced reductions to their income, and consumers who have missed some of their favourite spots.
"High streets can be the pride of local communities – or they can be a source of shame if they decline.
"Do you have experiences of a struggling high street, and ideas of how we can restore vibrancy? I want to hear from you"
Janet Daby MP

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Parliamentary portrait of Janet Daby MP

How to watch the debate:

Links to watch the debate and read the transcript will be added to this page as soon as they are available from 19 October.

What is a Westminster Hall Debate?

Westminster Hall debates take place in the Grand Committee Room in the House of Commons.

They give MPs an opportunity to raise local or national issues and receive a response from a government minister. 

Debates in Westminster Hall take place on ‘general debate' motions expressed in neutral terms. These motions are worded ‘That this House has considered [a specific matter]'.  

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How your contributions are shared

In these exercises, members of the public who have signed relevant petitions are invited to share their experiences and ideas.

These are passed on to the MP leading the debate, who may refer to them directly in their speeches.

Find other petitions on the Petitions website, or see more examples of public contributions being used in debates below.

What happens next?

If you shared your email in the survey, we’ll send you an update after the debate with links to watch it, read the transcript, and information about the Government's response.

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